Contemporary Global Maritime Regulatory and Management Issues in the Shipping Sector

This module examines the issues and challenges associated with the global maritime and regulatory environment in the shipping sector. You will examine the challenges and trends in maritime markets, and gain an understanding of maritime corporate and economic driving forces.

This module will also address leadership culture in the field of maritime conventions and expertise in public relations and communications. The module will also introduce and build awareness of, and confidence in, some of the key tools in the sector, including maritime and ocean governance, and maritime spatial planning.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental principles of contemporary maritime and regulatory issues

  • Analyse the challenges and trends in maritime markets;

  • Discuss the corporate and economic driving forces in the sector

  • Describe the imperatives behind public relations and communication in the sector

  • Discuss the fundamentals of maritime and ocean governance

  • Discuss the management tools, with a focus on maritime spatial planning

  • Understand the new UN sustainable development goals and the trend towards ocean sustainability

Course outline

  • Maritime economic and corporate driving forces

  • Maritime markets, challenges and trends

  • Leadership culture in the field of maritime conventions, expertise in public relations and communications

  • Public relations and communication imperatives

  • Maritime and ocean governance

  • Maritime spatial planning

  • Ocean sustainability